Sunday, July 6, 2014

Happy 4th of July

Fourth of July weekend was so fun! It was humid, but still fun!!! We spent Friday with family at the Peoria Sports Complex!!! We sat in the Radio Disney section, and their were a lot of things there for the kids like bouncy castles and water slides. Danika loved it! The hardest thing was getting her to wait in line! The lines weren't short, and she wanted to go right to the front every time! I was surprised at how much she loved the fireworks! I was totally expecting her to be all over the place and not paying attention, but she loved them!!!! :) On Saturday, we went to Grandma and Grandpa Colon's for a pool party and barbeque!

Watching fireworks!!!

Danny, Me and Cristian

D excited for fireworks!

Their getting ready to go back to the bouncy castles!

Jess and Danika

Danika insisted on bringing her blanket to the bouncy castles. I told her she could bring it, but she couldn't take it in with her. We get there, and of course she wants to take her blanket in with her. We ended up walking back to our blankets without jumping because she refused to give up the blanket!

Waiting in line for the bouncy castle with Jess, Cristian, Kelly, Jazelle and Danny.

It was hard getting Cristian to try the bouncy playhouse. But once he was in, he didn't want to leave!!!

Almost fireworks time!!!!

Danika wanted to lay her blanket out and lay on it like everyone else was doing! Too cute!

Isaiah and Danika

Love my niece and nephews!!!! :)

Awe, <3 Lilly loves Danika!!!

Aunt Jessi got D a light up wand to play with when it got dark!

Aunt Kelly with Danika and Cristian.....Cristian didn't want to sit still!

Isaiah, Jazelle, Kel and Jess waiting for fireworks to start

The family!!!!!!!

Cristian, Jazelle and Kel

D is ready to go see fireworks!!!

She thinks she gets to drive!

Everyone swimming at Gandma & Grandpa Colon's :)

Oz, Regina, Danika and Danny

Reyna Family

Sunday, June 15, 2014

Happy Father's Day 2014

   It's Father's Day!!!!! So we are going to make this entry all about dad!!!! We are truly blessed with a hard working, extremely patient loving father and husband. He is so selfless, doing what's best for his family. We couldn't have asked for more and we thank God for him every day!!! This morning, Danika and I got up and made breakfast!!! xoxoxoxox

Love this!!!! I don't know how she sleeps like that!

Feeding the ducks

One of the late nights we had with Danika. Daddy woke up and stayed with her all night :)

Feeding the ducks

Playing at the park

Daddy showing D how awesome baseball games are!!!

D~backs game

First hot dog at the D~backs game

Baxter's playhouse at the D~backs game

Daddy, Danika and Randy Johnson at the D~backs game


Baxter's playhouse

Daddy and D at VBS

Playing video games at Peter Piper Pizza

Nail painting time!!!!!

NICU days....

Bath time at the NICU

Danika's dedication

Daddy rocking D to sleep at the NICU

Both are exhausted

Eating solids for the first time with Daddy

Feeling grass for the first time with Daddy

NICU days

Holding Daddy's finger in the NICU

The day Danika was born....first hand she held

NICU days

All clean after her bath....NICU days

Santa ;-) and Danika

Park with daddy!

Teeth brushing buddies


I did it!!!!!!!!!

Watching mamma's softball game with Daddy!

Daddy and Danika on their way to church!

Daddy is exhausted......

Train on the way to Disney land

Epcott center

Father's day morning!!! Ready for church!!!

Father's Day morning!!! Daddy reading his cards and Danika taking her stickers back that she put on Daddy's card!

Eating Father's Day breakfast that Danika & mommy made!!!